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Photos from the June Picnic Are Now Available

2014 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Arne Kirkewoog.

Slides Available from February 11 UCRP Talk

At our February 11 luncheon meeting, representatives from UC's Office of the President joined us to explain the history and operation of the UCRP program that provides pension benefits to many of us. The slides used in the briefing are now available for download. Over the next few weeks, the Retirees Association will develop, verify and post a Q&A that covers the points raised in the briefing.

Download slides from February 11 meeting.

Renew Membership in Livermore Laboratory Retirees Association (LLRA)

It is time to renew membership in the Livermore Laboratory Retirees Association (LLRA) for 2014. Click here for an application.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center Discount Tickets

The Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center would like to offer your employees $10.00 off on mid-level (price 2) Adult Tickets on a variety of world class performances coming to the Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore. Enjoy endless variety and exciting entertainment close to home!

Just have them call 925.373.6800 or purchase online at and use the password "TENOFF". Handling fees apply on line and also with phone orders. Offer expires 24 hours prior to performance. Please see the attachment for the lineup of attractions and for more details. The discount only applies to LVPAC performances listed in the attachment.

The Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center is a not-for-profit, community-based organization that supports and encourages the education, creation and presentation of visual and performing arts in the Tri-Valley, while enhancing the public's appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the arts. LVPAC operates the Bankhead Theater, located in historic downtown Livermore, and the Bothwell Arts Center. The Bankhead serves as the home for a number of the area's finest performing arts organizations, including Del Valle Fine Arts, Livermore-Amador Symphony, Livermore Valley Opera, Pacific Chamber Symphony, Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre and Valley Dance Theater. LVPAC presents a full array of performance activities drawn from artists and ensembles across the United States and beyond. The Bothwell is an arts incubator that provides affordable classroom, studio and rehearsal space for area artists, students and arts organizations.

We look forward to seeing one and all.

Jane Robles

LLNL Newsline

LLNL no longer publishes the Newsline. It has been replaced by "LLNL Community News".

Links to some of the sections in the LLNL Community News follow.
Around the Lab
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To submit a classified ad: click here.

Photos from Retirees

2014 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Arne Kirkewoog.

2013 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Arne Kirkewoog.

2012 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Frank Rainer.

2011 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Frank Rainer.

2010 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Frank Rainer.

2009 Retirees Picnic, courtesy of Frank Rainer.

2005 Retirees Picnic courtesy of Alan Mode.

2003 Retirees Picnic

2002 Retirees Picnic

2001 Retirees Picnic

Marian and Hank McDonald's Fiftieth Anniversary Cruise

Donna and Ron Carr's Cruise

Dick Ryon's kayak cruise Dick Ryon made an eleven-day kayak expedition out the Columbia River and down the Oregon coast for 180 miles to Florence

Fleet Week Photos by Ron Gunn taken during Fleet Week on October 7, 2007, aboard the Hornblower party boat in San Francisco Bay.

February 2002 Luncheon

January 2003 Dinner Dance

LL Retirees Association Travel Group

The Travel Group needs a volunteer to run the program. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Carole Hilton at

LL Retirees Association Discounts

Are you ready to go Wild at Work? Enjoy money-saving deals exclusive to LLRA members made possible through our partnership with Wild at Work. Your discount program includes money-saving offers on theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and many more! Some featured offers include Disneyland*, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, Knott's Berry Farm, Grand Canyon Railway, T-Mobile, Marriot Hotels, over 15,000 restaurants…everything is on the website!

Go to

Click on New User Signup (Blue Box - upper right-hand corner of the homepage)
When prompted, enter your company name: LLRA
Fill in the short registration form.
Make sure to put Wild at Work on your approved senders list on your email program.
After submitting the information, your password will be displayed in the website window and you will also receive your password via e-mail.*
Use your e-mail address and new password to log on to the site and start saving!
Please sign in right way to validate your FREE membership. Some spam filters may block the automated email containing your password as spam. If you do not receive your password within 5 minutes, please call: Wild at Work Customer Service at 858-558-6890 ext 110.

*Please contact the LLRA for information about Disneyland discounts by sending an email to

New Element to be Named Livermorium

The city of Livermore and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory may soon have an element named in their honor. Lab scientists and colleagues at a Russian institute synthesized a superheavy element a decade ago, and it landed a spot as No. 116 on the periodic table -- the master list of elements.

Temporarily called ununhexium, it will become "livermorium," an international chemistry organization announced this week. The name honors the scientists who helped create it and the city hosting the national security lab... more.

Retiree Health Benefits

If you have any questions or problems with your LLNL retiree health benefits, you may contact Liza Hahlbeck by phone at 925-423-0950 or Belisa Miller at 925-424-9778. If you are unable to reach Liza or Belisa by phone, please email them at

Change of Address

Change of Address for Mailings from LLNL: Have you moved since leaving the Lab? Send an email to Liza Hahlbeck at if you want to keep receiving mailings from the Lab. Include your old address along with your new address. You need to file a separate change of address with your retirement plan and benefits.

Change of Address for Mailings from LL Retirees Association: To change your address, home or email, with the LL Retirees Association, send an email to

Volunteers Needed

We are all aware that tests show that the performance of students in science and mathematics in elementary school in the United States fall behind students in many industrialized countries in the world and even some of the developing countries, such as China and Korea. Furthermore, eighth grade students in California ranked 47th out of 52 (50 states plus DC and DoD) in mathematics achievement in 2009 according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Report. One way you might be able to help rectify this problem is to help improve elementary school education, using your wealth of experience and training. And you can have a rewarding and fun experience in the process.

TOPScience (Teaching Opportunities for Partners in Science) is a program using volunteers (the "Partners") for (1) assisting teachers in grades K-8 with preparation and delivery of science and engineering lessons in the classroom, (2) providing content knowledge to teachers when needed to teach quality science and engineering lessons, (3) motivating students with career and educational models and information, and (4) educating families through after school family science events. TOPScience began with Partners who were retired scientists and engineers. Currently, the source of volunteers includes scientists and engineers who are employed or on leave as well as retired. The program began in 1993 at the San Joaquin County Office of Education with three Partners at three elementary schools. The program has grown to over 40 Partners at as many schools in a five county region in Central California.

Most Partners volunteer to serve about one-half day per week during the school year; however, the schedule can be flexible to accommodate differing needs of the Partners. The Partners attend a TOPS Institute during the summer preceding each school year which provides training for new Partners.

In February of this year, the Pleasanton School District decided to institute a TOPScience program and they need four volunteers to get started.

This is your chance to make a difference. Contact:

Art Krakowsky

It’s a Bumpy Ride to Private Management for Los Alamos, Livermore

Dave Edwards pointed out an interesting article that appeared in the American Physical Society's June 2010 issue of APS News. We include it here with the permission of the APS. Click here to read the article, “It’s a Bumpy Ride to Private Management for Los Alamos, Livermore”.

Outreach for the Medical Screening Program for Former Lab Workers

We are contacting you on behalf of the Medical Screening Program for Former Workers of LLNL, LBNL, and Sandia-CA. This is a joint venture between Boston University and UCSF and is one of many screening programs for former employees of DOE facilities nationwide. Our program is looking to inform the Lab retiree community of its presence and encourage anyone who may be interested to contact us. We are interested in collaborating with your organization by attending events held for your members, newsletter postings, fliers, and possibly a link to our program website

Click here for a brochure that gives an overview of what our program does. Please contact our Dublin office at (925) 551-7844 or send an e-mail to with any questions you may have. We look forward to discussing how we can work together to serve the Lab retiree community.

Thank you,

Gail St. John, MPH
Project Coordinator
Nina Santos
Research Assistant

Tours of LLNL and Site 300

Two free tours are available for LLNL Retirees and also for the general public. Both tours last about 2 hours and 30 minutes. All attendees must be at least 18 years old. US Citizens must sign up at least two weeks in advance, non-US citizens must sign up at least one month in advance. To make a reservation, contact the LLNL Public Affairs Office at (925) 422-4599.

Tour 1: Community Tour of LLNL on Tuesdays starting at 9:00 AM.

  1. Visit the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (NARAC) where LLNL has the capability to track chemical and other toxic materials as they disperse throughout the world from natural events like volcanic eruptions, chemical plants and nuclear releases.
  2. Visit the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) that can accurately carbon date materials with exciting applications in archeological, environmental and biomedical science.
  3. Visit the National Ignition Facility (NIF) which is a football stadium sized laser used to produce fusion for a variety of applications.
Tour 2: Site 300 Tour on the first and third Fridays of each month starting at 10:00 AM.

Guides will describe buildings and equipment during a bus tour of the entire site with time to view of the surrounding terrain from the West observation post (the highest location at Site 300).


Nutrition for Older Adults

For more information send an email message to